Monday, August 22, 2011

My Montepulciano

Welcome to Montepulciano.
I don't believe there is any prettier town in Tuscany.

This is my giddy face.

Via Dei Cacciatori

Piazza Grande

Il Cimitero

Aftermath of a Festa Della Donna

San Biagio

The tower


This is a small collection of pictures I took on my 3 day adventure on the Tuscan Isle of Elba

I found myself wishing I was the one on the boat

They love their fishing

Paparazzi shot
What would Italy be without old men?

Boat rentals, anyone?

Boats in the marina, Rio Elba

A rose on my walk home

Compagna Toscana

Is there anything more beautiful than the Tuscan Countryside?

My happy place

Paparazzi shot of Bramasole

Podere Godiolo

Questa e la mia piccola casa



Pienza will always be one of my favorite places to photograph

Plein Air art contest

Yes, this is a photograph
Yes it was a perfect coincidence

She giggled when she saw me taking pictures